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John chose Dr. Hodges after consulting with several orthodontic doctors who advised John that his best option to correct his teeth was oral surgery. Not sure about having surgery, John was relieved when he met Dr. Hodges as her caring personality and professionalism became apparent as she advised John that braces would be a great option. John was pleased with Dr. Hodges’s suggestion to correct his smile by wearing braces and hasn’t looked back since as his smile had already improved so much over the past year.

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“My name is John. I’ve been coming to Dr. Hodges for approximately a year and a half. The reason I came to see Dr. Hodges is because she initially gave my two sons a consult for braces. I really liked her professionalism and demeanor, so I decided to get a consult myself. I’ve wanted braces all my life, but couldn’t afford them up to this point. Dr. Hodges is actually my third consult with an orthodontist to get braces. She is the one I felt would be right for my treatment. What I like most about Dr. Hodges is her personality, her demeanor, and her professionalism. Dr. Hodges is extremely nice, very polite, very courteous. Her staff are great, I haven’t had one bad experience with any of them through all my appointments or my children’s appointments. Both of my boys are in braces. Each and every time I come in, it’s a pleasant experience. Wanting to have braces all my life, I had seen previous orthodontists for consultations. They wanted to do major facial reconstruction and multiple surgeries. I explained to Dr. Hodges that I was comfortable with my bite and I was comfortable with the way I was eating. I just wanted something more aesthetically pleasing when I smiled. She said as long as I was okay with those two factors, the third one, a more pleasing smile, she could more than help without doing any major surgery. It’s been great, it’s been really good. I’m really shocked at how much progress has been made in the short amount of time that I’ve been in braces. When I look at that before picture, I can’t believe how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. The changes are incredible. It takes a little getting used to, seeing your smile have changed so much. It’s something that I’ve always wanted for my life, and it’s finally happening. I view my life smiling a lot more. I’m in my 16th year of marriage. My wife said before I got braces, I didn’t smile that much. But she said now, you’re smiling all over the place. It’s been a long road, but it’s worth it. I would highly recommend Dr. Hodges for all your orthodontics needs. In my personal experience, I thought there was no way she was going to be able to make the changes that she made in the short time that she did, but she did it."

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We love Kellyn Hodges! She listens to her patients and provides excellent care! Her staff is very friendly and helpful as well! Tara F.

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