How Long Do Adults Wear Braces? By Kellyn Hodges on March 04, 2022

A beautiful woman smiles, showing off her adult bracesMany patients view braces as an orthodontic solution geared more towards kids and teens, but our Philadelphia, PA, area orthodontist is here to set the record straight. Braces are for everyone looking to improve their smiles, including adults. 

At Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics, with offices in Bala Cynwyd, Bensalem, and Montgomeryville, we encourage our adult patients to pursue cosmetic procedures that boost their confidence, support their oral health, and enhance their appearance. While our patients can choose from a variety of cosmetic treatments, nothing is quite as transformative as braces.

Braces, including traditional and fast-acting adult braces, slowly shift teeth into proper alignment over time with constant, corrective pressure. We all know that good things come to those who wait, but how long do adults wear braces? Our knowledgeable team is here to discuss possible factors that can influence your treatment timeline.

Case Severity

The biggest determining factor of the timeline with adult braces is the patient’s case severity. Patients with mild misalignment might be able to straighten their teeth with braces in just six to 12 months. Patients with moderate to severe misalignment, however, may need two to three years to get their dream smiles.

Ultimately, the nature of your misalignment or malocclusion will drive treatment timelines and determine the best smile-correction option for you.

Smile Correction Options

Our orthodontist offers several smile-enhancing treatments, including traditional braces and fast-acting adult braces (FAAB). On average, patients can correct their smiles with traditional braces in about two and a half years. FAAB, however, can straighten teeth in as few as six to ten months.

Understandably, patients want to fix their smiles as quickly as possible. But, our dental team will help you choose the best option for your smile and oral health goals.


Research suggests that our bones get less flexible as we age. This is why many orthodontists encourage parents to correct their children’s smiles while their bone tissue is still relatively flexible. Orthodontic treatments into adulthood are still incredibly effective, but they will take longer to deliver the same results.

Treatment Compliance

Adhering to an orthodontic treatment plan is key to getting a beautiful smile quickly. This means that adult patients must commit to regular visits with our orthodontist for corrective adjustments. Failure to come in for adjustments will only add to the treatment timeline and may not deliver the anticipated results.

Oral Hygiene

Patients should take special care of their teeth and gums while wearing adult braces. Otherwise, plaque buildup can lead to cavities. If this happens, our team may have to remove the braces, treat the cavity, and replace the braces at a later date. This can seriously impact the timeline and effectiveness of adult braces.

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Straighter teeth are well within your reach at Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics. If you’re ready to explore adult braces or other cosmetic solutions, contact our orthodontic team now. 

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