Eliminate Excessive Tissue and Restore Self-Confidence with a Frenectomy

Overly large frena, tissue under the upper lip or tongue, may cause significant difficulty by obstructing normal function. This tissue can cause pain, create a gap between the front two teeth, as well as interfere with your ability to speak, swallow, or eat properly. This can have a negative affect your self-confidence and leads many patients to avoid social situations, hindering them from comfortably living out their lives. A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that can be performed to remove the frena and restore proper function and aesthetics. Dr. Kellyn Hodges can collaborate with skilled oral surgeons to provide a frenectomy if you are experiencing discomfort or if orthodontia has not been successful in closing your gap. At Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics, our priority is providing for the needs of our patients in Bala Cynwyd and Philadelphia, PA, in the safest and most effective manner.

What is a Frenectomy?

During a frenectomy, the abnormal frenulum can be completely removed from the desired area, under the tongue or the upper lip. This is a common oral surgery procedure that can be performed on patients of all ages to address either a functional or cosmetic issue. 

A frenectomy is a process of removing frena, which are the tissue bands under the tongue and between the lips and gums.

Types of Frenectomies

We can perform two types of frenectomy depending on your needs which include: 

Lingual Frenectomy
Removal of tissue under the tongue. This procedure is necessary when the tissue extends too close to the tip of the tongue and negatively impacts speech or the ability to eat. 
Labial Frenectomy
Removal of tissue located at the center of the upper lip. Often, patients will undergo a labial frenectomy if they have not seen adequate results in closing an undesirable gap between the front teeth through orthodontic treatment.

What to Expect 

To begin the process, you will first need to attend a consultation with Dr. Hodges. At this time, she can perform an evaluation to determine if a frenectomy is the appropriate method of treatment for your condition. You will also be able to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. 

We strive to accommodate the needs our patients by coordinating care with trusted professionals.

An experienced oral surgeon will perform your or frenectomy which is a fairly straightforward process. You will be provided with a local anesthetic for your comfort. The surgeon will then proceed with the removal of the labial or lingual frenulum. Once all excess tissue has been gently eliminated, your doctor will suture the remaining tissue closed. Typically, a frenectomy will last about half an hour. 


Most patients will recover from their frenectomy within 10 to 14 days. Post-surgical care is generally minimal and may include:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication
  • Avoiding strenuous activity for a few days 
  • Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash or salt water
  • Exercising caution when brushing around the treated area
  • Following a soft food diet
  • Avoiding biting directly into food 

During recovery, it is normal to experience minor bleeding for the first 48 hours after treatment, anything longer may be cause for concern and should be brought to our attention. Swelling, bruising, sensitivity, or chapped lips may also occur and should subside over time.

Our Commitment to Your Care

We strive to accommodate the needs our patients by coordinating care with trusted professionals. If you believe you or your child may be in need of a frenectomy, contact us online or by phone at (212) 245-5100 to schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated professionals

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