Fast Acting Adult Braces

A Quick Solution for a Straighter Smile

Smiling man on beachWe all desire straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. However, for individuals who did not have the benefit of orthodontics treatment during childhood, the idea of orthodonticsas an adult can seem daunting. The main concern for most adults when considering orthodontics is the outward appearance of the orthodontics appliance, combined with the duration of treatment. For adults whose main concern is appearance, there is a relatively quick orthodontic solution: fast acting adult braces. At the Philadelphia-area orthodontic practices of Dr. Kellyn Hodges, fast acting adult braces allow for orthodontic treatment and aesthetic adjustments on the anterior teeth. By focusing on only the anterior teeth, orthodontic and cosmetic transformations can be achieved in a fraction of the time as with complete, traditional orthodontics. We can even incorporate this treatment into a complete smile makeover.

Fast Acting Adult Braces Treatment

Fast acting adult braces, also referred to as the FAAB technique, combine orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry to create a straight, beautiful smile in a matter of months, not years. Similar to traditional orthodontic methods, the patient must choose the type of braces they wish to use, traditional metal braces or the Invisalign® clear tray system. The braces are only used on the anterior, or visible, teeth; this reduces treatment time while creating aesthetically transformative results. Cosmetic dentistry can also be used to hasten the treatment and improve cosmetic results. On occasion porcelain veneers can be used to enhance the beauty of the smile, and correct any imperfections the braces were unable to correct. Following treatment, an invisible retainer is cemented behind the anterior teeth, to stabilize the finished treatment.

Dr. Kellyn Hodges has vast experience providing fast acting adult braces at her orthodontic practices serving the Philadelphia area. During a personal consultation with Dr. Hodges, she will be able to further detail the treatment, and explain how you can transform your smile in about 6 to 10 months; where as traditional orthodontics can require more than three years of treatment in some cases.

Learn More about Fast Acting Adult Braces

At the orthodontic practices of Dr. Kellyn Hodges, we have helped many patients transform their smile in a short amount of time. If you have always desired the perfect smile, but dreaded traditional orthodontics and the treatment duration, fast acting adult braces may be right for you. Contact Dr. Hodges to schedule a personal consultation to discuss fast acting adult braces at one of her orthodontic practices serving the Philadelphia area.

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