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Cosmetic Dentistry

When you look in the mirror, are you unhappy with your teeth? Can you imagine what your ideal smile would look like?

Dr. Kellyn Hodges and her team of dentists can correct cosmetic dental flaws and help you feel confident when you smile.

Find out what cosmetic dentistry at our Philadelphia, PA, dental practice can do for you...

Improve Your Smile Improve Your Confidence

Fix Imperfections Fast

Some cosmetic procedures can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile in as little as one office visit. We also have take-home whitening treatment options that allow you to get professional results in a matter of weeks.

Target Multiple Issues

Our dentists are passionate about personalized care and will find the most suitable solution for your unique set of cosmetic dental concerns. To get the best results, we often combine procedures into one streamlined treatment plan or use techniques that target multiple cosmetic concerns at once.

Improve Dental Health

While cosmetic dentistry is mainly designed to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, treatment can also improve your oral health. Cosmetic treatments such as dental crowns, orthodontics, and dental implants can all enhance the strength and balance of your smile.

Feel More Confident

Our dentists understand the incredible impact a radiant smile can have on your quality of life. An attractive smile not only improves your own self-image but also helps you present the best version of yourself to others.

Why do patients throughout Philadelphia trust Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics?

Contact Us Today for Simple and Efficient Cosmetic Dental Care

The cosmetic dentists at Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics strive to make dental treatment as simple and efficient as possible. Our offices in the greater Philadelphia area take advantage of the latest technology and dental techniques to speed up treatment without sacrificing quality.

We also accept flexible financing and payment plans to help make cosmetic dentistry affordable on any budget. There is no reason why you can't achieve a smile you feel proud of. Get started today by scheduling a consultation at one of our conveniently located offices in Bensalem, Montgomeryville, and Bala Cynwyd, PA. Contact us online or call us:

(610) 617-0700

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"My Teeth Look So Beautiful I Can’t Even Believe It!"


shaniya waples


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I love dr hodges so much, any concern I had about my teeth no matter how tedious it was she seen and knew exactly what I was talking about down to the smallest smallest detail it’s crazy!!! My teeth look so beautiful I can’t even believe it! so straight so even!!! & Her staff and team were awesome as well & her office is so clean and everyone is so polite I highly highly highly recommend!!!!!! Love you dr hodges xoxo!!!!!

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Ashley Delvalle


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I have been seeing Dr. Hodges for two years and have recently gotten my braces off. Each time I had an appointment and visited the office I noticed the employee's were very professional and respectful, they would address my concerns and try to accommodate me. I am very happy with my smile and will definitely recommend Dr. Hodges to others.

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A Straighter Smile Is the First Step Start With One of Our Orthodontic Treatments

Unlike most general dentists, our cosmetic dentists have undergone additional education and training to provide comprehensive orthodontic care. Our Philadelphia-area practice offers a wide range of orthodontic treatment options, including:


Invisalign® continues to be an incredibly popular solution for patients hoping to straighten their teeth in a more discreet way. The Invisalign system consists of a series of clear orthodontic aligners that gradually shift the teeth into their proper positions. In addition to their subtle appearance, the aligners are made from smooth, laser-cut plastic, making them comfortable to wear. They are also highly effective at treating a wide range of orthodontic concerns.

Learn More About Invisalign


Metal braces continue to be one of the most effective methods of treating moderate to severe orthodontic concerns. Brackets are bonded to each tooth and connected by a metal archwire. The wire exerts gentle pressure on the teeth, moving them into alignment. While some candidates can have just as much success with alternative treatment methods, braces are the best option for many patients. Children, in particular, can have trouble remembering to wear removable aligners and can avoid poor results by choosing braces.

Learn More About Braces


Wilckodontics®, also known as Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™, combines oral surgery with traditional orthodontic techniques to reduce treatment time to just three to eight months on average. The procedure is designed to soften the density of the alveolar bone (the bone that holds your tooth sockets), temporarily speeding up tooth movement. With this technique, braces and orthodontic appliances can shift the teeth up to four times faster than traditional methods.

Learn More About Wilckodontics

Do you already have a straight smile?

Brighten Your Smile Instantly With Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the fastest and most affordable methods of improving the brightness of your smile. Our Philadelphia, PA, practice offers in-office and take-home treatments, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs. Unlike store-bought whitening products, professional treatment is safe and effective on almost any type of external tooth discoloration. A single in-office whitening session can brighten your teeth by up to nine shades in less than an hour.

If you are looking for something even more convenient, our dentists can set you up with at-home treatment. This personalized kit includes custom-made trays for the upper and lower dental arches as well as professional strength bleaching gel.

Woman placing home kit whitening aligner on

Are missing teeth causing you to feel self-conscious?

Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Missing teeth are a serious oral health issue and a major cosmetic concern for millions of adults. Thanks to implant dentistry, you can replace missing teeth, improve the health of your smile, and feel more confident all at once.

Dental implants are placed within the jawbone, replacing missing tooth roots and creating a stable foundation for your replacement teeth. Once you have healed from implant placement, our dentists will create your custom crown, bridge, or denture from premium restorative materials. The restoration is then secured to your implants, repairing the function and appearance of your smile.

If you want to learn more about implant dentistry, you can request a consultation at our offices in Bensalem, Montgomeryville, or Bala Cynwyd, PA.

implant-supported crown

Can’t decide on just one cosmetic treatment?

The Smile Makeover Solution


Many of our Philadelphia-area patients have multiple cosmetic dental concerns that they wish to treat at once. If this sounds like your case, a smile makeover may be the perfect solution. A smile makeover combines two or more restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments into a single streamlined treatment plan.

The Smile Makeover Treatment Process


You begin your smile makeover with a consultation at one of our Philadelphia-area offices. At this time, one of our dentists will ask you about your treatment goals and assess your dental health. After examining your teeth to determine which procedures can help you, we will go over your options and create your custom makeover plan.

Digital Mock-Ups

Next, our cosmetic dentists will produce a digital mock-up of your treatment results for you to review before we start treatment. If there's anything you would like to adjust, let us know! We will be happy to modify your plan to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Begin Dental Treatment

Once you approve your treatment plan, our cosmetic dentists will begin performing the necessary procedures. Combining different forms of dentistry often saves time by reducing office visits and can help you achieve the best possible results.

The Results

The length of your treatment will depend on which procedures you need. Teeth whitening results are noticeable almost immediately, while orthodontics results can take several months.

"I No Longer Hide My Smile!!!"


Camille W


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I always have a great, smooth, experience here. The staff are always friendly, respectful, caring and courteous of your time. The office is run very smoothly and efficiently when Dr. Hodges is there or not. I'm so happy with my results!! I no longer hide my smile!!!

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Stanley Toussaint


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I have been under the care of Dr. Hodges and her wonderful team for 5 years, and each visit is better than the preceding one. They offer the best orthodontic services in ALL of the Northeast. Here’s why I say this: despite no longer living in Philly, I travel back from NYC to Dr. Hodges’ practice for all of my orthodontic needs. I especially want to thank Linda, who is consistently welcoming and helpful, and ensures my smile remains my best attribute. Thank you, Linda!

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Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics staff

Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics

At Kellyn Hodges Orthodontics, serving patients in Bala Cynwyd, Bensalem, and throughout Philadelphia, we are committed to helping children and adults of all backgrounds achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Our compassionate and widely respected doctors are members of prestigious dental organizations, including: 

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association 
  • National Dental Association
  • National Board of Orthodontics, U. S. 

To reach our helpful, multilingual staff, call us at (610) 617-0700 or request a consultation online.

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We love Kellyn Hodges! She listens to her patients and provides excellent care! Her staff is very friendly and helpful as well! Tara F.

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