X-rays Help Develop Orthodontic Treatment Plans By Kellyn Hodges on December 05, 2015

A girl wearing bracesDr. Kellyn Hodges is a leading orthodontist based in the Philadelphia area, helping patients get healthy, beautiful smiles. Using state-of-the-art orthodontic procedures and dental care technology, Dr. Hodges and the team are able to address issues with malocclusion with a high level of effectiveness.

Many patients wonder about the planning phases of orthodontic care. We'd like to consider that right now, with a focus on the way that imaging and x-rays are used in the process.

Pre-Planning Helps Improve the Potential for Success

Proper planning is crucial for any kind of advanced dental treatment. That goes for oral surgeries as well as orthodontic care. In fact, with orthodontic care, pre-planning is a crucial part of successful treatment.

By planning your procedure before it's initiated, an orthodontist can help ensure that proper decisions are made during every phase of treatment, providing patients with realistic expectations as well as a general timeline for the overall duration of a procedure.

There are different ways that the planning process is done. Let's look at three common parts of the pre-planning process.

Dental X-rays

Taking dental x-rays is a crucial part of so many orthodontic and general dentistry procedures. These x-rays will provide orthodontists with a good understanding of the current position of the teeth along the dental arch. This will also help orthodontists understand any issues with the jawbone density and condition that may affect the nature of your orthodontic care.

Modern dental x-rays are more detailed than ever before, and they also expose patients to less radiation, which makes them safer than ever before.

Digital Photographs and Imaging

In addition to dental x-rays, it's not uncommon for orthodontists to use digital photographs and imaging technology. These detailed photos provide a surface look at the current position of the teeth that's crucial for planning, particularly if brackets and wires need to be placed. Digital imaging technology often allows for a three-dimensional view of the patient's teeth, gums, and jawbone structure, which is another integral part of planning an orthodontic procedure and viewing problems from different angles.

Computer Models for Orthodontic Care

A crucial part of planning is creating a computer model for treatment. This will account for the gradual shifts in the patient's teeth over the course of a few months, which will allow for a before-and-after view of the treatment as well as different phases of the process.

Computer models are important for orthodontists as well as patients since it gives them an understanding of what the overall aims of treatment will be like from beginning to end.

Discussing Your Orthodontic Treatment in Full Detail

In addition to using all of this advanced technology as part of the treatment process, we will also be more than happy to answer all questions you may have and address all concerns. This is crucial for proper expectations from treatment and to give patients a realistic view of the months-long process of improving the look and health of their smiles.

Speak with Dr. Kellyn Hodges

If you would like more information about orthodontics and how our team can help you have a straight and perfectly aligned smile, be sure to contact our orthodontic treatment center today. Dr. Kellyn Hodges looks forward to your visit and discussing these matters in more detail.

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