Wilckodontics® Treatment Timeline By Kellyn Hodges on August 16, 2015

A close-up of a woman's mouth being examined with a dental mirrorIf you want the benefits of traditional orthodontics without the wait, Wilckodontics® may be right for you. Unlike traditional orthodontics, which can take over 18 months to achieve the desired results, Wilckodontics® treatment only requires about three to eight months to see full results. Find out more about the Wilckodontics® treatment timeline in this overview from Philadelphia dentist Kellyn W. Hodges.

What Is Wilckodontics® Treatment?

Wilckodontics® treatment has greatly accelerated the time it takes for the desired orthodontic results to be achieved through the revolutionary use of a technique called Accelerated Osteogentic Orthodontics™ (AOO™) to restructure the bone that supports the teeth. Instead of applying force directly to the teeth, as with traditional orthodontic treatment, Wilckodontics® treatment applies force to the underlying bone structure. This force transforms the way the teeth are aligned within the jaw, achieving astonishing results in a fraction of the time as traditional orthodontics. 

The Wilckodontics® Treatment Timeline

Wilckodontics® treatment can be completed in as little as three months. However, most patients see full results in about eight months. Wilckodontics® treatment begins with the application of metal brackets to the teeth, similar to traditional orthodontics. Next, the AOO™ procedure, which is a minor oral surgery, will be performed to encourage softening of the underlying bone to allow for restructuring of the bone tissue. The softened bone tissue allows the teeth to be rapidly repositioned for faster results.

Patients will need to return about one week after surgery to have the arch wire attached to the metal brackets placed during the initial treatment. Wilckodontics® patients will need to return about every two weeks or so to have the braces tightened. Once the desired results are obtained and the bone is fully healed, the braces will be removed and retainers will be provided to ensure the teeth stay in their newly aligned positions.

Candidates for Wilckodontics®

Wilckodontics® treatment is suitable for both adults and children who have all of their permanent teeth. Candidates should also have healthy gums free of gum disease. In addition, patients should not have significant gum recession. Finally, because AOO™ is minor oral surgery, candidates should be healthy enough to undergo a surgical procedure. Patients who have healthy gums and bone tissue and suffer from one or more of the following conditions may make suitable candidates for Wilckodontics®:

  • Crooked, misaligned teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Bite issues, such as an overbite or underbite

Find Out if Wilckodontics® Is Right for You

Wilckodontics® treatment can transform even the most severe alignment issues in a fraction of the time as traditional orthodontics, allowing Wilckodontics® patients to enjoy a beautiful smile in almost no time at all. A beautiful smile may only be eight months away. Don't put off orthodontics treatment any longer. The smile of your dreams may be easier to obtain than you could have imagined. To find out if you're a candidate, or to discuss alternative treatment options, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hodges today.

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