Wilckodontics and Pain: What Patients Can Expect By Kellyn Hodges on August 06, 2015

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Recently, we've received a number of questions about Wilckodontics, a form of fast-acting braces/orthodontic treatment. While Wilckodontics can cut the treatment time for braces down to just a handful of months, there are side effects involved that patients should keep in mind. With that said, let's consider pain after Wilckodontics treatment and what patients can do to deal with these matters.

About Wilckodontics

Wilckodontics is an advanced form of orthodontic treatment that is ideal for serious issues with dental alignment. Thanks to the Wilckodontics process, the treatment time for braces can be cut in half. This is ideal for people who may require years for regular orthodontic treatment to work. In some cases, total treatment time with Wilckodontics may only be 3 to 8 months.

How Wilckodontics Works

Wilckodontics uses careful oral surgery methods and advanced dental care techniques. Rather than focusing on the teeth themselves, Wilckodontics focuses on the bone that supports the teeth. Carefully applied pressure is used to help shift the supporting bone into the proper position, improving overall dental alignment in the process.

Pain from Wilckodontics

Since Wilckodontics involve oral surgery, it's not uncommon for pain, soreness, and discomfort of the teeth and gums to follow the oral surgery procedure. Pain is a common side effect after any surgery, so it's important that patients keep that in mind.

How severe is the pain after Wilckodontics treatment?

The pain after Wilckodontics can be rather pronounced, but everyone's pain threshold and experience is different. With that in mind, patients who undergo Wilckodontics may notice major issues with pain even if they bite or chew on soft food items. It's for that reason that patients should take all pain relievers as recommended in the early days and weeks after surgery, and that they follow their post-surgical instructions to the letter.

How long does the pain last after Wilckodontics?

The most significant amounts of pain after Wilckodontics treatment tend to last a week to two weeks, with additional soreness persisting for a bit after that. During these first two weeks after the oral surgery, it's important that Wilckodontics patients follow all post-op instructions to the letter, including notes on pain medication, diet, and ice packs/cold compresses.

Tips for Pain Management

In order to prevent major pain and discomfort after surgery, consider the following tips:

  • Use pain medication as recommended by your oral surgeon
  • Use cold compresses to address soreness and swelling
  • Eat a liquid diet for the first few days to first week after oral surgery
  • Avoid foods that are hot or cold in temperature
  • Avoid foods that are spicy
  • Do not rush back into solid foods (even soft solids) too quickly

The Discomfort Is Worth the Fast and Exceptional Results

Even though patients may experience pain after their oral surgery, they typically find the fast and effective results of Wilckodontics are worth all of the side effects associated with treatment. During your consultation process, we will be sure to go over all of these matters in full detail so you can make confident decisions about all of your options for advanced dental care.

Speak with Dr. Kellyn Hodges About Wilckodontics

To learn more about Wilckodontics and how it can help you have a smile that's healthy and beautiful, be sure to contact our orthodontic care specialists today. Dr. Kellyn Hodges and the entire team at the practice will help you make the best choices when it comes to improving the alignment of your teeth.

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