Is Wilckodontics® Right for Me? By Kellyn Hodges on July 17, 2015

Smiling teen looking at her boyfriendYou long for a straighter, healthier smile, but the thought of spending several years wearing metal braces makes you cringe. Consider Wilckodontics®, an innovative treatment that can typically straighten your teeth in three to eight months. Wilckodontics® does not target your teeth alone. Rather, it combines traditional orthodontic methods with minor oral surgery to address the underlying bone. With this comprehensive approach, Dr. Hodges can correct esthetic alignment issues, as well as more serious types of malocclusion. This treatment is suitable for both children and adults. However, it is important that you have good oral health before choosing Wilckodontics®. Dr. Hodges will thoroughly examine your teeth, periodontal health, and jawbone before recommending this treatment. To find out if you are a good Wilckodontics® candidate, contact our Philadelphia practice today.

What Is Wilckodontics®?

Your teeth are supported by your alveolar bone. Wilckodontics® integrates a technique called Accelerated Osteogenic OrthodonticsTM (AOOTM) to alter the structure of this bone. First, Dr. Hodges will affix the metal brackets to your teeth. Then she will perform a minor AOOTM surgery. During this procedure, she will remove a thin layer from the top of your alveolar bone. About a week after your surgery, you will return to our office. At this time Dr. Hodges will connect the arch wire to the metal brackets. At periodic visits, she will adjust and tighten the wire.

Following surgery, the resulting healing process will stimulate calcium production. Your bone will also be much softer during this time. This means that your teeth will shift into their new positions much more quickly than they would with traditional orthodontic treatment. At the same time, however, your bone will be much stronger after you have healed. Therefore, you should enjoy beautiful and long-lasting results.

What Problems Can Wilckodontics® Correct?

Wilckodontics® can correct the same problems as traditional braces. If you suffer from any of the following orthodontic concerns, Wilckodontics® may be right for you:

  • Cosmetic alignment issues
  • Gapped, overlapping, or rotated teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Open bite

Determining Candidacy for Treatment

Wilckodontics® is suitable for both adults and children, although children should have all of their permanent teeth before undergoing this treatment. The primary consideration when ascertaining candidacy for Wilckodontics® is your bone and gum health. If you have chronic gum disease, or if you have suffered significant bone recession, Wilckodontics® may not be right for you. Fortunately, Dr. Hodges offers a number of additional orthodontic options. She will help you choose the right treatment for your health needs and lifestyle.

Why Choose Wilckodontics®?

Presuming you are a candidate for Wilckodontics®, there are a number of reasons to consider this treatment. First, it is safe and effective, incorporating techniques that have been used for over a century. At the same time, however, modern technology makes the technique more precise and accurate than earlier orthodontic methods. Perhaps the most noticeable advantage of Wilckodontics® is the accelerated treatment time. Traditional braces can take up to four years to achieve the desired results. On average, Wilckodontics® takes a maximum of eight months. Therefore, this treatment can be especially beneficial if you are a working professional. It can also be a great option for your teen. With Wilckodontics®, he or she can achieve a straighter smile before it is time for the all-important senior photos, prom, or college orientation.

Schedule a Treatment Evaluation

To learn more about Wilckodontics® and to find out if it is right for you, contact Dr. Hodges’ office today.

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