Can Braces Cause Excessive Drooling? By Kellyn Hodges on April 18, 2015

Male sleeping peacefullyWhen patients learn that they are in need of orthodontic treatment, it is normal to have some concerns regarding what types of side effects may be experienced as a result of braces. Traditional braces are one of the most effective options for correcting bite problems and malocclusions, which is why they remain one of the most popular forms of orthodontic treatment. However, braces treatment has been associated with a number of side effects, and do require some special care and attention. Dr. Kellyn Hodges ensures that patients are well informed on the side effects that should be expected and how to care for braces. This information helps patients get the most out of braces treatment so they can straighten their teeth without negatively affecting oral health. Drooling and braces is sometimes a problem for our Philadelphia patients, but this is a minor side effect.

Why Do Braces Cause Drooling?

While excessive drooling is not a problem for all braces patients, many do find that their mouth seems to produce an excess amount of saliva once they are being treated with braces. Although this excess production of saliva may be noticeable throughout the day, in most cases, it is primarily a concern while patients sleep. Many braces patients notice that they are drooling more while they sleep than they were prior to having braces put in place.

There are two possible reasons for an excess production of saliva in braces patients. The first theory is that the mouth mistakes the feel of brackets on the teeth for the presence of food in the mouth. Because the body believes that there is food between the teeth, it produces an excess amount of saliva in order to help break down and digest that food. The second possible cause of excessive saliva is that there may, in fact, be food caught between the teeth. Because braces block a large portion of the teeth, and because they push the teeth closer together, some patients have a difficult time properly cleaning the teeth when braces are on. The mouth is likely to react with an excessive production of saliva that can help cleanse away these food particles.

Dealing with Excess Drool

Although excessive drool might seem like something to be concerned about, this condition has no negative health effects. In fact, excessive drool can actually be beneficial to a patient’s oral health. Saliva helps rinse away sugar, acids, and bacteria that can be harmful to the teeth and also helps to distribute minerals such as calcium and phosphate, which serve to strengthen the teeth. Braces patients who have excessive drool may need to spit more frequently, but overall, they should set aside worries in regard to this extra amount of saliva and be grateful for its health benefits.

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