Braces Removal Process: What Patients Can Expect By Kellyn Hodges on February 19, 2015

A woman smiling and touching her cheekDr. Kellyn Hodges has helped countless patients in and around the greater Philadelphia area achieve excellent dental health through advanced orthodontic care. This commonly involves the use of braces to straighten teeth and enhance overall dental alignment. After several months, patients will have their braces removed since the treatment will typically be completed by then. Let's consider the braces removal process right now.

Removal of Elastics

In order to safely and effectively remove a patient's braces, it's important to remove the outermost parts of the orthodontia first and then work toward the brackets and dental adhesive. The first part of the removal process, then, is to remove any elastic bands that are used. This is easy to do, and the bands will be carefully unhooked by your orthodontist.

Removal of the Wires

Next your orthodontist will focus on the wires that span across the teeth through the various brackets that are in place. Using a special pair of pliers, the orthodontist will carefully loosen the wire from each bracket so that it comes loose. Extra care will be taken to ensure that the lips, cheeks, and other soft tissues of the mouth are not harmed or punctured when the wires are removed.

Removal of the Brackets and Bands

With the wires gone, the next step is removing all of the brackets from the teeth and the bands that are secured around the molars. While this sounds like it will be a very involved process, it's actually quite simple. The brackets are all glued to a patient's teeth, but they are glued in such a way that they will come loose when pressure is properly applied to the bracket base. The same principle is applied to the bands that surround the molars.

This is the one part of the procedure that may cause patients to notice a little pressure around their teeth, particularly when the molar bands are removed. Rest assured that the pressure is not painful and is very brief.

Cleaning the Teeth After Removal

When the brackets and bands are removed, patients will notice the feeling of dental adhesive on their teeth. This will need to be removed and polished away in order for the whole process to be completed. A special dental tool is used to help buffer away that glue residue and leave your teeth clean and smooth in the process.

It's not uncommon for patients to notice tooth sensitivity or a weird sensation in their mouth as they become accustomed to no longer having braces in place. Both the sensitivity and adjustment period are normal and temporary.

Additional Planning for Lasting Dental Wellness

If additional treatments are required after the braces are removed, this can be planned and discussed at this point. Also keep in mind that a retainer is commonly created following braces treatment in order to maintain dental alignment and ensure the results of the orthodontic care last for years to come.

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