The Most Common Orthodontic Problems By Kellyn Hodges on October 09, 2014

Young boy with straight, healthy teeth after correction of his orthodontic problemsAt the orthodontics practice of Dr. Kellyn W. Hodges, we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic solutions, from traditional metal braces to advanced Wilckodontics®. This is because the needs of our patients are so diverse, requiring innovative treatment options that can be customized to their unique cases. Dr. Hodges has an uncanny talent for finding the right solution for the right patient, regardless of the complexity of his or her orthodontic issue.

During initial consultations at our state-of-the-art offices in and near Philadelphia, orthodontic problems are diagnosed through thorough, meticulous examinations. Treatment options are then discussed in honest, straightforward detail. Dr. Hodges is a firm believer in the value of patient education, which is why she makes sure to explain each patient’s orthodontic problem to him or her in plainspoken English. She wants to empower each patient with the information he or she needs to make confident, educated decisions regarding his or her orthodontic care.

Typical Orthodontic Issues

While no two orthodontic problems are exactly alike, most can generally be classified into one of the following categories:

  • Crowding problems: Some patients experience problems due to overcrowded teeth. This can occur either because the jaw is abnormally small compared to the teeth or the teeth are disproportionately large compared to a normally sized jaw. In either event, due to crowding, some teeth may push forward while others pull back; some may grow in crooked; some may be prevented from fully erupting altogether.
  • Spacing issues: Sometimes teeth can be separated by visible gaps. These can occur when teeth are disproportionately small compared to the jaw or due to the loss of one or more teeth, causing the remaining teeth to drift out of their optimal positions within the mouth.
  • Malocclusion, or “bad bites”: Bite problems can take the form of overbite (your upper jaw juts out past your lower jaw), underbite (your lower jaw juts out past your lower jaw), crossbite (some of your upper teeth rest inside your lower teeth while others rest outside), and open bite (some of your upper and lower teeth don’t meet at all, even when your jaws are at rest). In severe cases, known as deep bite, the upper teeth completely cover the lower teeth, sometimes even touching the lower gums.
  • Protruding teeth: This occurs when your teeth are angled so that they point outward toward your lips. Protruding teeth are particularly vulnerable to injury.

Dr. Hodges has extensive experience in correcting each of these types of orthodontic problems in both children and adults. Any of these orthodontic problems can range from mild to severe. Whatever the condition of your teeth, Dr. Hodges can help you to achieve the strong bite, straight teeth, and healthy, beautiful smile you desire and deserve.

Learn More about Orthodontic Problems and How We Can Correct Them

To learn more about the most common orthodontic problems and how we can correct them through advanced orthodontic treatments, please contact the offices of Dr. Kellyn W. Hodges today. We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have and assist you in scheduling your initial appointment.

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