The Results of Invisalign®: Invisible Orthodontic Treatment By Kellyn Hodges on September 19, 2014

An Invisalign aligner going over the teethDr. Kellyn Hodges is pleased to offer patients in and around Philadelphia the latest in orthodontic care. This includes Invisalign®, which has been growing in popularity over the years. Invisalign® is a popular alternative to traditional orthodontics and metal braces, and more and more teenage and adult patients have been asking us about how it works. We'd like to use this blog post to focus on the results of Invisalign® treatment, particularly when compared to metal braces and other traditional orthodontic approaches.

About Invisalign®

Some basics about Invisalign® before getting into the results.

The Invisalign® system involves the use of clear plastic aligners rather than the brackets and wires of metal braces. Patients are given customized aligner trays that are worn at all times save for when eating, drinking, and cleaning the teeth. Every two weeks, patients receive a new tray that helps gradually align the teeth. These Invisalign® trays are designed by computer to ensure a proper fit and a precisely implemented treatment plan.

Ideal Candidates for Invisalign®

The best candidates for Invisalign® are people who suffer from malocclusion that is related to the position of the teeth along the dental ridge. Patients should have realistic expectations about the treatment process and what it entails.

People who suffer from issues with jaw position and/or serious bone structure issues with the mandible or palate are not eligible for undergoing Invisalign®. Overall candidacy for treatment can be determined during a consultation at the practice.

The Results of Invisalign® Treatment

Many patients are pleased after they undergo Invisalign® treatment, and they smile with renewed confidence knowing that their dental health and overall appearance are greatly enhanced. The quality of the results are what make Invisalign® such a popular option for advanced orthodontic care.

How long does Invisalign® treatment take?

In general, Invisalign® treatment takes seven months to nine months, and sometimes a bit longer. This is roughly the same amount of time as patients would wear traditional braces.

How do Invisalign® results compare to traditional braces?

Overall, the results of Invisalign® are comparable to the results of traditional braces or other kinds of orthodontic care. As noted above, this goes for overall quality and treatment time.

Keep in mind that Invisalign® may not be ideal for all patients and that traditional orthodontic treatments or advanced therapies may be more ideal for some people.

Bottom Line: Invisalign® Means Great Results and Added Convenience

Invisalign® patients achieve excellent results, though there are many benefits that come with these results:

  • Invisalign® Aligners Are Practically Invisible - When the Invisalign® trays are in place, people are unlikely to notice them, even when up close
  • Invisalign® Aligners Are Easy to Remove and Clean - The aligner trays are simple to pop in and pop out, which means that brushing and flossing aren't a hassle
  • Patients Can Eat Their Favorite Foods - Since the Invisalign® trays are easy to take out, patients can still eat their favorite foods without having to worry about matter damaging or getting stuck in the brackets and wires
  • Invisalign® Is Comfortable - On the note of brackets and wires, Invisalign® will not irritate the insides of your lips and cheeks like traditional braces might, leading to a more comfortable treatment experience

Learn More About Invisalign® Treatment

For more information about Invisalign® and your many other options for advanced treatment for malocclusion, it's important that you contact our orthodontic dental care center today. Dr. Hodges and the entire team here look forward to your visit and helping you get the straight and beautiful smile that you have always wanted.

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