Covering Orthodontic Treatment with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) By Kellyn Hodges on June 09, 2014

A smiling cartoon tooth standing with his arm draped over a gold coin embossed with a dollar signOne of the questions most commonly asked of our experienced orthodontist Kellyn W. Hodges is whether advanced orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign® are covered by dental insurance. The answer is invariably, “It depends on your insurance plan.” For example, some dental insurance plans cover Invisalign® treatment as they would any other orthodontic treatment, including therapy with traditional metal braces. On the other hand, some other dental insurance plans provide little or no coverage for any type of orthodontic treatment. It is important that you understand what your insurance plan will and will not cover before you commit to any sort of dental care.

If your dental insurance plan does not cover the orthodontic treatment of your choice, or if it provides only partial coverage, you still have financial options available to you. You deserve to have a mouth full of straight, uniform, healthy teeth, and we want to help you to make that happen. One of the most popular payment options among patients of our practice in Philadelphia, orthodontics treatment FSAs, or Flexible Spending Accounts, give patients the opportunity to set aside their own money a little at a time until they can afford the treatment they desire. There are many benefits to opening an FSA with your employer, ultimately including the healthy smile of your dreams.

What Is an FSA?

An FSA is an optional enrollment benefit program offered by many employers. It allows employees to set aside part of their income each month into an account for future use on eligible healthcare expenses not covered by their traditional health and dental insurance plans. The FSA is not a replacement for conventional dental insurance, but rather a means of augmenting that insurance.

You can place up to $2,500 in your FSA per benefit period. This money will be available to you whenever you need to cover the cost of treatment not covered - or covered only partially - by your insurance plan. If your dental insurance plan covers part of your orthodontic treatment, you may use your FSA to cover the un-reimbursed portion of the cost. If your dental insurance plan does not provide coverage at all, you may use part or all of your FSA to pay for treatment. We will help you to make the most of the funds available to you.

Benefits to Establishing an FSA

By setting up an FSA to cover the cost of your orthodontic treatment, you will enjoy several benefits. For example:

  • You can use your FSA to cover the cost of orthodontic treatment for yourself, your spouse, or any child you list as a dependent on your tax returns.
  • You will not owe a debt to a credit card company or other third party lender - you are using your own money.
  • Your contributions will be deducted from your pre-tax income, allowing you to stretch your income further.
  • You can use any money left over in your FSA to cover the costs of follow-up visits or other dental treatment.

Learn More about Orthodontic Treatment FSAs

To learn more about orthodontic treatment FSAs or to schedule your initial consultation at our orthodontics practice, please contact the office of Dr. Kellyn W. Hodges today.

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