Braces for Tooth Crowding By Kellyn Hodges on February 26, 2013

Braces for Tooth CrowdingTeeth that are crooked and poorly spaced can have a negative impact on your smile as well as an adverse effect on your dental health. Thankfully patients can turn to a skilled Philadelphia orthodontist to address these issues of spacing and function. One common issue with tooth misalignment that people face is crowding. The team at our practice would like to look at the issue of crowding right now and how it can be addressed through orthodontic treatment.

What is tooth crowding?

Crowding refers to situations in which there is not sufficient space for all of the teeth in a row. As a consequence, the teeth may appear twisted, slanted, uneven, or could be pushed in front of or behind adjacent teeth. Crowding is a problem that we address a lot at our orthodontic care centers serving Philadelphia.

Problems Associated with Crowded Teeth

First of all, there are the obvious aesthetic issues related to crowded teeth. Teeth that are twisted and uneven do not look as attractive as teeth that are properly aligned and form an even smile.

Beyond aesthetics, crowding actually makes it more difficult to clean the teeth due to the uneven spacing. The twisting and slanting of the teeth increases chances for tooth decay to occur and gum disease to develop. That's why orthodontists serving Philadelphia can actually prevent major tooth decay for patients in the long run.

Sometimes the crowding can also cause tooth grinding (bruxism) to occur at night since the teeth cannot find a suitable at-rest position. This can lead to tooth damage as well as a TMJ disorder.

How Braces Work

Philadelphia braces use brackets and wires that are secured onto the teeth. Using carefully controlled tension and pressure, these brackets and wires will gradually alter the position of the teeth. In the case of crowding, special appliances may be used in conjunction with braces to help alter the shape of the dental arch in order to accommodate all of the teeth in a row.

Ideal Candidates for Braces

The best candidates for braces are patients who have teeth that are misaligned, whether due to crowding, spacing, or other issues. These candidates can be any age, though treatment options will vary depending on when braces are used. When you come in for an advanced orthodontics consultation, we will be sure to look into all of these matters in greater detail and help you make the best decision for your needs.

What to Expect During the Treatment Process

We mentioned that age can have an effect on the treatment process, and that's quite true. In the case of tooth crowding in children, braces may be used as crowded baby teeth fall out. Using special appliances, the braces and other orthodontia will be able to adjust the alignment of the remaining teeth in order to create space for the incoming permanent tooth.

With adults, the options are different since their permanent teeth are already in place. The shape of the arch may be altered in conjunction with braces, or in cases of severe crowding, a tooth may first need to be extracted in order to achieve proper alignment.

Learn More About Advanced Orthodontic Care

For more information about braces and your other options for dealing with tooth misalignment, contact our Bala Cynwyd, Bensalem, and Montgomeryville orthodontics centers today. Serving the Philadelphia area, our orthodontists are committed to providing excellent care to patients of all ages.

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